Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services

Proper industrial tank cleaning is based on using the right process for the job. As a result, no tank is too big, too small, or too difficult for Horizon.

Any Job You Need

We have cleaned tanks ranging from 200-500 gallons all the way up to nearly one million gallons with various specs in almost every possible industrial cleaning scenario. Horizon can clean even the toughest crude oil, diesel, gasoline tanks, petroleum, acid from fractanks, solids and other difficult materials, often involving 10k, 20k and 40k hydroblasting equipment. We take care of rigs, too, from the floor of the rig down. Not a speck of contaminant or drilling mud is left behind after a Horizon job.

Experience Counts

Horizon’s team has been in the field for years. We have dealt with scenarios that have forced us to discover innovative ways to gain entry to different tanks, frac-tanks and areas of rigs, or accessed tanks that were even more difficult to reach due to the materials they held. Even when our customers require completely clean, white glove caliber results, such as during a conversion from using tanks for diesel to using them for jet engine fuel, Horizon tackles the project effectively with utmost focus.

Quality Service

Industrial cleaning requires both care and determination. Horizon’s professionals not only have the know-how and capability to decontaminate your facility and equipment but also the willingness to stick with it until the job is done. We know that the sooner your equipment is clean and ready for reuse, the sooner you can return to business. Your project, deadline and all, receive 100% of our attention from start to finish, for as long as it takes. We never give up and we always finish the job.