Product Sales

The Utmost Dedication to Your Needs

Getting the products you need for the right price depends on finding a distributor you can count on.

Horizon provides excellent rates on products during non-emergency situations, but more importantly, we respond with urgency and immediacy that match your company’s needs during emergencies. Horizon carries the consumable products you need to fulfill environmental services requirements for any situation, including an extensive variety of containment booms (6, 10 and 18 in.), absorbent booms and pads, spill kits, drums, and personal protection equipment (PPE).


Competitive Pricing

Getting the right products for your situaiton comes down to access and service. We save the client thousands of dollars on consumable products the same way we can save the client thousands on service work and contracts. We provide both. Horizon has master service agreements with some of the leading manufacturers of environmental service consumable products. Our relationships become your relationships when you purchase products through us. Horizon’s extensive connections grant you the power to procure environmental products at the most competitive price, protecting your budget and meeting your equipment needs.


Utmost Dedication to Your Needs

In the middle of an emergency or in preparation for a large project, there is nothing more important than making sure you have the right products you need— fast. Horizon’s service continues beyond our work in the field to our efforts on the phone and in the office. Quality environmental products at quality prices is just one factor for how to determine the right partner for your situaiton. Horizon stays attentive to your needs, separating us from the pack and putting you in control of your consumable product purchasing, even during difficult times. Select a product distributor with the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied, every time.