Expert Remediation

Horizon’s job is to look ahead for your business by investigating your past. Sometimes that involves checking the status of your soil and solving known problems with the best possible solutions. Fortunately, soil remediation is one of our many specialties.  

Our highly trained personnel are what separate us from the competition. We help clients pinpoint the problems in organizations with a history of soil contamination, finding the direct source of the problem in high hazard projects and solving your issues through proven processes. Our soil remediation projects are performed with safety, accountability and effectiveness, striving for flawlessness while guaranteeing improvement of your soil and your future.


Powerful Planning and Execution

Horizon identifies areas of concern, creates a scope of work, and develops a budget and timeline that show exactly what needs to happen and when it needs to happen to complete your remediation project successfully. Along the way, we document with diligence so you can look back on your project without losing sight of the future. Horizon’s high level of focus also guides us toward the right equipment decisions for the right situation, one pivotal part of the decision-making process associated with each project. We know when it’s right to use heavy equipment vs. other solutions, such as backhoes, trackhoes, bulldozers, mini-excavators. At the end of the project, we know exactly what has changed and how we went from where we were to where we ended up. To ensure you receive the quality and dedication you deserve, every Horizon project is overseen directly by internal supervisors, technicians and other key Horizon leadership. Every step we take is on your behalf.


History of Success

When choosing a company that will get the job done, there’s nothing like experience to vouch for the right remediation partner. Horizon didn’t become a leader in the industry overnight. Our teams have worked on jobs from South Texas to Michigan, determining, documenting and improving soil under diverse conditions. Horizon concentrates on safely assessing each and every soil remediation situation then adhering strictly to scope and timeline, something we have done time and time again. Horizon always creates a job safety analysis (JSA) prior to project. Our team has succeeded in safely completing projects from South Texas to Michigan and can mobilize anywhere you need assistance.