Transportation and Disposal

The Right Solution

Horizon has worked in transportation and disposal from the beginning. Any industrial cleaning project, from standard cleaning to emergencies, requires the disposal and transportation of waste. The real question is whether it’s executed as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Horizon puts every moment to use in eliminating your onsite waste. We plan our projects to succeed by coordinating our trucks, boxes and teams in one cohesive process until the job is done. Every job starts with an assessment, proceeds by optimizing disposal based on maximizing use of strategically plotted disposal site routes, and documenting to ensure no cross-contamination occurs along the way. Between our know-how of how to get the job done and implementation of a process that continually creates and expands the role of our team members, we have become the transportation and disposal industry leader.


Experienced Teams

No one builds a company by themselves; the sum has to be more than the individual people that make up the business. Our employees enter their roles well-qualified to contribute and are put in a position to succeed with the right procedures and policies. Our drivers have their CDLs as well as their HAZMAT, tanker, HAZWOPER and other relevant certifications, but the cohesiveness of our team goes far beyond the standard industry training and credentials. Horizon supervisors explain every element of the job to each team member along the way from day one so that jobs become continuously easier as our team members become empowered to execute as needed.


Equipment for Turnkey Projects

Horizon has the equipment to handle any and all transportation and disposal needs. Our capabilities are a result of not only our people but the tools we offer them to get the job done. Horizon’s valuable fleet of trucks, roll-off boxes, trailers and vacs make for a formidable toolkit regardless of the situation. Our 70 and 130 barrel trucks have the capacity to haul thousands of gallons of material, and in conjunction with our air machine and wet vac capabilities, can eliminate anything from liquids to sludges to bulk dry material from your site.