Our Vision

Horizon’s Vision

When you choose an environmental services company like Horizon, you choose a company that focuses on its strengths and passes that value on to you through its service, bringing you the best possible business experience.  

We strive to bring our customers everything they need in the form of one strong partner as opposed to fragmented sources. This connected service offering gives our customers an advantage in strategic planning, with an eye fixed firmly toward the Horizon of their business.

High Value, Utmost Service

One of Horizon’s greatest strengths is its team. By leveraging our knowhow on behalf of our clients, we can execute processes as they were meant to be implemented with efficiency in both action and price. Our ability to offer you competitive pricing never has to come into conflict with our dedication to providing you with the service you deserve; we guide you step by step through every project. And no matter what job you need, we deliver with attention and integrity in pursuit of bringing you success.

Safe Prosperity

There is no prosperity without safety. And there is no safety without absolute precaution. Horizon takes a diligent approach to all aspects of overseeing the well-being of our staff, from training to equipment to ongoing discussion and mentorship in the field. We protect our people and our clients, ensuring a cautious working environment for our employees and an efficiently executed project for our customers. The quality of our staff and the dedication of our team make that easy to accomplish, charting a positive future for the company no matter what challenges we take on.