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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Horizon Environmental has two full time environmental consultants. There is a range of services that these consultants can offer our diverse clientele. We realize that no two facilities are alike and each require varying plans as well as other environmental services to meet their needs. With over 30 years of combined spill and environmental related Coast Guard experience, Tyson Muniz and Tracy Sedlack can get the job done in a professional and comprehensive manner. Their combined knowledge and expertise are indispensable when it comes to environmental consulting. We specialize in the following:

Plan Writing, USCG:

Facility Security Plans
Facility Response Plans
Facility Operation Manuals

Plan Writing, EPA:


Site Surveys:

NORM Surveys
USCG Pre-inspections
USCG Facility Security Assessments
Waterway Suitability Assessments
Soil and Water Sampling
Pre-drilling Sampling
Post-drilling Sampling
Boom Deployment Strategies


Response Boat Operator
Boom Deployment
HAZWOPER 8/24/40
Security training for personnel with security duties
Security training for all other personnel

Drills and Exercises:

Drill and Exercise Planning (Security and PREP)
Exercise Control/Evaluation
Simulation Cell Manning

Spill Management

Spill Management Team Services
Cost Documentation
Third Party Contractor Oversight

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