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24 Hour Emergency Response   1 (866) 609-6208

Frequently Asked Questions

Our passion for excellence is the driving force behind a great business that always delivers successful outcomes for our clients, our team, and the people who live in the communities we build.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes we do! If you need immediate assistance, please call our emergency line at 1 (866) 609-6208

What is your service area?

In response to urgent situations, Horizon has developed a robust infrastructure capable of reaching any location in the Houston area within 100 miles with a 120 minutes lead time. This commitment to rapid response is pivotal in minimizing damage and mitigating risks associated with emergencies, environmental hazards, or industrial crises. Leveraging their deep expertise in Emergency Response, Environmental, and Industrial Services, Horizon's dedicated and highly skilled teams are strategically positioned across the region, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. With the various certifications, including OSRO, DCO, and U.S. Coast Guard BOA, they are prepared to effectively handle any challenge they might encounter. This level of readiness and efficiency in response is what sets Horizon apart and underscores their dedication to providing unrivaled emergency response services throughout the Houston area and beyond.

As part of their expansive service network, Horizon proudly caters to a broad range of clients extending from the Southeast Coast to the Midwest regions of the United States. With a meticulously structured operational framework in place, they ensure timely and effective delivery of their highly specialized Emergency Response, Environmental, and Industrial Services throughout these areas.

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