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Emergency Response

Horizon’s rise to becoming a leader in the environmental services field began with an emergency response focus. Our company is equipped to handle any inland waterway emergency response or similar situation at high speed with the right strategy and highest level of dedication.

It is Part of Our History

Our team has performed admirably when some of the world’s leading energy players needed us most, including during the Gulf Coast incident and Kalamazoo River oil spill. When time is of the essence and situations are most critical, Horizon has been there and will always be there, leading the charge and taking care of the situation in the fastest, safest and most efficient manner possible.

Our leadership has traversed the United States during their careers in the emergency response industry. Our personnel have participated on spill and disaster events from barge/ship collisions, tankers running aground, pipeline ruptures, well blow-outs, train derailments, avian bird flu and hurricane/tornado impacted areas. We are proud that the Horizon team has worked with not only many differing customers, but also many of our fellow response contractors successfully.

Superior Service at Critical Moments, Horizon provides quality service regardless of our customer’s situation, especially during an emergency.

Safety: Horizon’s Top Priority

Safety extends beyond onsite activity, taking place before, during, and even after the job. That’s why all Horizon emergency response employees undergo rigorous and diverse training, including HAZWOPER, confined space training and site-specific training based on individual refineries and other locations. Horizon’s TWIC-certified team members can also gain access to almost all chemical plants and other high-risk locations. Our team members use the right personal protection equipment (PPE) such as the right suits, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses and respirators for each and every situation. Even during the most extreme HAZMAT acid spills and oil spill scenarios, we use our extensive experience to protect the well-being of our team.

Horizon provides quality service regardless of our customer’s situation, especially during an emergency. It is our policy to place an experienced professional at the location of your incident as fast as we can, within an hour if at all possible, so we can begin to assess your problem immediately. We utilize every second properly in preparing a job safety analysis (JSA), assess the relevant MSDS, and immediately get to work on the task at hand. Every Horizon job is fast, cost-effective and safe, yet performed with speed, service, and immediacy, just the way it should be.

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